In the interests of safety and security for our guests and for a more efficient entry process at the gate, we have a CLEAR BAGS ONLY POLICY. 

Please review our list of prohibited items below. There are no exceptions.

Clear bags larger than 12" x 6" x 12" are prohibited. 
Clutch purses larger than 4.5" x 6.5" are prohibited. 
All other bags are prohibited. 

Only clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC tote bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” and/or small clutch bags (4.5”x 6.5”) will be allowed. In addition, all bags are subject to search upon entry. Guests have the right to refuse a bag search, and the venue has the right to refuse entry. If you have any items that are not allowed into the venue please return them to your vehicle.


-ANY BAGS that do not meet our bag policy as stated above. 
-Chairs with canopies/tops, reclining chairs with footrests. 
-Backpacks of any kind, including drawstring 
-Wagons or Strollers 

-Coolers of any size 
-Illegal Substances 
-Laser pens/pointers 
-Cameras with detachable lenses 
-Computers/ Laptops / iPads
-Outside food or beverage 
-Cans, bottles, coolers, Tumblers, Water Bottles, or other similar containers 
-Video Cameras or Audio Recorders 
-Laser pens or laser products 
-Noise Makers 
-Weapons of any kind: pepper spray, pocket knives, etc. 

-Diaper Bags 
-Fireworks or any incendiary device 
-Flag poles or any support frames for banners/signs 
-Selfie Sticks 

-Aerosol Canes: sunscreen, bug spray, dry shampoo, hair spray, etc. 
-Illegal drugs/substances 
-Glass containers  
-Animals (except service animals) 
Service animals (as defined by ADA standards) are permitted inside the venue during events. Only registered working animals are permitted.

-Pop Up Tents
-Glow sticks, confetti bombs, over-sized inflatables 
-Pocket Chains 
-Brief Cases
-Car Seats

-Personal property that is a potential hazard to others (e.g. chains, wallet chains, or jewelry with spike edges) 
-Electronics other than cell phones including but not limited to Laptops, iPads, Professional Cameras, Kindles, Video Games, GoPro’s, etc. 
-Hydration Back Packs of any size 
-Baseballs, footballs, tennis balls, hula hoops, etc. 
-Scooters, skateboards, in-line skates, or personal motorized vehicles  
-Inflatables of any kind 
-Props or toys that resemble weapons 
-Unauthorized vending of any kind 
-Unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc. 
-No grills or fires in the parking lots 
-Other items at the discretion of the security team.

Management reserves the right to prohibit items not listed above.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Enjoy the Show.


ADA Accessibility  
ADA sections allow for one (1) ADA-ticketed seat, and one (1) ticketed companion seat. ALL must possess a ticket. Wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers are allowed for ADA. Outside chairs are prohibited.

Concerts and Events at Beaver Dam Amphitheater may include loud music and sounds, as well as strobe, hydro, pyrotechnics, and other special effects, including flashing lights, rapidly changing or alternating images, the use of fog, haze, or smoke with theatrical stage lighting, laser projections, and fireworks.


Color-coded armbands will be placed on all guests at entry. Armbands MUST remain on at all times. If a guest removes his/her armband or it loses it, the guest will have to purchase another armband for $10 at customer service after showing proof of ticket and ID. 

*Arrival / Entry*
Guests sitting at the same table MUST arrive at the same time for entry.  There is ONE (1) ticket for each reserved table. Each person in your group must arrive at the same time for entry and be scanned in together. No exceptions. Please plan accordingly and we'll see you soon.

-Re-Entry is prohibited. No Exceptions.

Firearms / Weapons
-Firearms are strictly prohibited at Beaver Dam Amphitheater. There are no exceptions. Any patron found to be carrying a firearm will be immediately removed from the venue by law enforcement. 
-Weapons of any type are prohibited. 

The following items are PERMITTED inside Beaver Dam Amphitheater: 
-Cell Phones
-Small, folding lawn chairs in LAWN General Admission sections only (outside chairs are prohibited in the lower arena) 

*Guests may bring lawn chairs ONLY for Upper Lawn GA tickets and seating area. Small lawn chairs or foldable camp chairs only. Canopy chairs and reclining chairs are not permitted.

*Seats are provided for lower arena reserved tables and single GA lower arena tickets. Lawn Chairs are NOT allowed in the lower arena. 

Dress Code 
Patrons entering the Beaver Dam Amphitheater must be properly dressed (including a shirt and shoes) and must remain clothed at all times within the venue. 

Patrons should allow ample time for mandatory security procedures when entering the Beaver Dam Amphitheater. Security procedures may include a bag search, metal detection, and contents of pockets emptied.

Firearms and weapons of any kind are prohibited. 

Lost & Found 
Items found before, during, or after an event will be directed to Beaver Dam City Hall. Patrons may contact the office during regular business hours at (270) 274-7106 to inquire about lost items. 

Throwing any object at any time inside the Beaver Dam Amphitheater is strictly prohibited. Any person witnessed throwing a projectile of any size is subject to ejection from the venue. 

Re-entry is strictly prohibited during ticketed events. No exceptions.

Smoking / Vaping
Beaver Dam Amphitheater is proud to provide a Smoke-Free / Vape-Free concert experience for our guests. Smoking / Vaping is only permitted in the designated smoking / vaping area. Smoking / Vaping is not allowed inside the seating/listening areas of the venue. This policy is strictly enforced. Thank you for your cooperation. 

What is your rain / severe weather policy? 
Concerts are Rain or Shine. In the event of severe weather, we may pause or delay the concert until severe weather passes. In the event of an emergency or severe weather, we have procedures to keep everyone safe. You may bring a poncho or raincoat. Umbrellas are not allowed. 

Special Effects 
Please be advised that events may feature special effects including but not limited to:
-Lasers Strobe Lights 
-Smoke / Haze

ETix is the only authorized ticketing agent for Beaver Dam Amphitheater Events. Patrons are encouraged to use caution if purchasing tickets from unauthorized vendors or websites. The selling of tickets on or near the venue is strictly prohibited. Reselling of tickets is prohibited. Beaver Dam Amphitheater is not responsible for tickets sold by resellers or third parties.

By purchasing tickets and attending events at Beaver Dam Amphitheater, guests assume liability, absent gross negligence on the part of the venue, for any injuries sustained.